Reaching the end of Fictioning Comfort as a physical show, and we were extremely excited to announce a series of closing events on this occasion arranged as a two-days programme on September 12 and 13. 

Saturday 12 September (online): 

We kindly invite you all to join us from your homes, for a series of conversations and discussions happening online. This series of conversations between invited guests and artists participating in the show, are to expand on the underlying universes of thinking behind and around each work. To view the works please see

Convo 0: On Work by WORKNOT!
Convo 1: Tomi Hilsee with WORKNOT! 
Convo 2: Sami Hammana with Alireza Abbasy
Convo 3: Monireh Askari with WORKNOT! 
Convo 4: Moad Musbahi & Imani Jacqueline Brown with Samaneh Moafi

Sunday, 13th September (at MAMA’s showroom): 

We would like to celebrate the closing moment for the physical show by gathering outside of MAMA’s showroom in the open air, being carefully aware of one another. We will enjoy the last bits of warm weather with drinks and a book bingo! 

Drinks & gathering
Book bingo by Clara Balaguer (of collective To Be Determined) 

Photos by Tomas Mutsaers