Public Terms in Transition is a recorded lecture performance made for the BANAL de Arquitectura in Bogota, Colombia.

“The project is to open up the possibility to reflect on the ideas often associated with specific public spaces; ideas varying from tourism, monumentality, and design, to protest, and what is considered as ‘the public’ or ‘the people’, within the spatial arrangement of the city. The aim of the project is to make bridges between perceptions and presuppositions from different points of view, the one of the architect and urban planner, one of the people, of the investor, and of the state. Additionally, the goal is also to bring into attention the universality of the idea of “public space” and the similarities, or seemingly homogeneities, but together with its specificities in each context and each event. The proposal takes the most common, the most established, and the most supposedly dominant conceptions of the idea of “public sphere” by looking at most common examples, and by distorting them, put them in the light of questioning, rethinking, and maybe reframing.”