The Inventory was an installation made for the open studios at Jan van Eyck Academie (2016).

The installation is an inventory of the (domestic) objects, furnitures, and machinery that epitomize the impossibility of separating production and reproduction activities in the life of the precarious worker today, in this case Jan van Eyck artists. It is a dense arrangement of all the domestic objects that the 30 residents used in their studios to supposedly produce artworks, inevitably being majorly objects for activities of reproduction (to sleep, to eat, etc).

Ironically, at the time of the Open Studios show these objects have to be thrown out of the studios to make space for artworks. My studio housed these objects; filled up all the room densely, leaving only a narrow corridor to spectate the room for the ‘visitor’. Objects collected from the artists’ studios, personal belongings of this year’s resident artists. The arrangement is accompanied by a book made of line-drawings of all the objects put at the entrance of the room. The work argues for the extreme territorial and political role of the furniture, while also the excess of these minimum belongings; as well as their role in artists’ everyday practices of the self.