The Imperfect Image was an event to form a critical view on the image culture today which influences us in many different ways that we, ourselves, may not event notice; a culture present beyond each and every practice or profession whose main outcome is ‘image’. It was to gather various perspectives on the issue from publishers, image-makers, photographers, artists, and thinkers on the interrelated production and consumption sides of image culture. The talks included:

1. Alireza and Golnar, editors of Sarmad Magazine gave their viewpoint on the urgency of experimental image-making and independent publishing in today’s world flooded with images. In addition, they discussed specific practices that take us back to the fundaments of image production.

2. Melle Smets, artist and founder of Stichting Aardschap, discussed how he views, selects, and implements images in his practice as an alternative way to approach artistic production.

3. Members of the radical publishing house Woodstone Kugelblitz, discussed how, despite their skepticism towards consumption and circulation of images, see working with images an essential part of their artistic practice.

Sarmad Magazine and Woodstone Kugelblitz showcased their limited-edition prints, books, and newspapers and discussed their production process. The event was hosted by Stad in de Maak.