Sarmad organised a multi-year project UN–MAKING IMAGE that looks critically at the processes and tools of image-making. By broadening and introducing an inclusive notion of ‘image’, it investigates the role it plays in relations of power, to activate a discourse on matters of local sociopolitical and historical relevance.

A series of public events, performances, talks, workshops together with submissions and works of invited guests will constitute the content of each book. Artists, writers, photographers, architects, philosophers, enthusiasts, etc, all welcome to join the discussion. UN–MAKING IMAGE is kindly supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and Elise Mathilde Fonds.

The event series included:
   #1: Optics, photography in its entirety 
    #2: Photography and performance (Lucas Kastelijn)
    #3: Aftermath Photography: Materiality, Memory, and Place (Ali Shobeiri and Gert Jan Kocken)
    #4: "Amateur Photography" and the Wife
    #5: "Post-colonial" in what sense? (Miguel Peres dos Santos)
    #6: Crypto_Fantasies: Coloniality, Blockchain and Art (Eric Patel)
    #7: Transitional Archives of War (Armina Pilav)
    #8: Arabic Letter Seen [س], Arabic Letter Wow [و] (Urok Shirhan)
    #9: The Authentic Bedouin, Sedentarized Sonics (Inas Halabi)
    #10: “Prince, a Dialogue for One Voice” (Alireza Abbasy)
    #11: “The Book of the Eye” (Dirar Kalash)