WORKNOT! is an independent open collective that works to create a platform dedicated to the representation of the life and work of today’s cognitarians. Since its foundation in Tehran (2012), it has worked in a variety of context through a broad range of collaborations, and created workshops, exhibitions, performances, images, writings, lectures and publications. 

WORKNOT! brings into light the seemingly banal, yet extreme conditions that shape our today’s contemporary conditions of living and working. Their aim is to work through art and architecture in various mediums at hand. They have a specific focus on housing, domesticity, and ownership as developed in the global project of Modernism examined particularly in the project Framing the Common (2012–2014). The project was exhibited in several biennales around the world. As well they have worked on the conditions of living and working of the nomadic precarious worker today in the installation Inventory at Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (2015–2016), and The Room of an Architect (2016–2017) in Rotterdam/Berlin/Haarlem. 

WORKNOT! currently have a particular focus on independent publishing in the threshold between architecture, art, politics, and everyday practices. As well, we have developed a parallel main interest and focus on one-to-one scale interventions and a hands-on approach to work. 
The open collective consists of a core group of Arvand Pourabbasi and Golnar Abbasi, currently based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.