* Spatial Potential is a series of events that aims to bring topics of existing spaces, unused spaces, building regulations, private ownership, and spatial possibilities within the current frame of architectural discourse, into discussion. The series takes on a global as well as a local scale in discussing instances and conditions.

The first session of the series “Spatial Potential” took place on Friday evening at De Stokerij. On the occasion of opening of the intervention The Room of an Architect in the staircase at Stad in de Maak – City in the Making, this session opened up up discussions on finding possibilities in already existing spaces; from extracting possibilities of living and working activities, to reading how cities are fundamentally formed by defining these unused spaces, in the first place. It took these seemingly unimportant space, as the starting point for a discussion.

The event consisted of three talks, a book showcase, and a visit to The Room.

– Penumbra Series, Niloufar Emamifar. Penumbra Series is a project which focused on the literal in-between spaces of private buildings in the city of Los Angeles, starting late 2016. Looking at these gaps brought up the questions of ownership and private property, amongst others. Moulding these spaces with grey plastic and showcasing them, Niloufar’s project brings on several socio-political issues present in east Los Angeles. * Niloufar’s work was on show at the time, as part of “Home Away From” exhibition at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE).
– Framing the Common, Golnar Abbasi. Framing the Common is a project started in 2014, that looks at the shared spaces of the apartment as spaces with paradigmatic value that remain unused, but determine the general spatial layout of the apartment building. This talk will focus on the city of Tehran. Studied in four cities (Tehran, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai) the project has the aim to trace the larger project of modernism in a global scale. It is a collaboration between four studios, one in each city.
– The Room of an Architect, Arvand Pourabbasi. The room of an architect is a project to criticise and represent the conditions of living and working with which the young precarious nomadic architect deals with. It offers strategies in re-using the unused spaces of existing buildings, namely the staircase, instead of making new buildings, to respond to a very current living/working condition.