Fictioning Comfort and Other Strata of Rotterdam is a conversation with Natasha Marie Llorens, about curatorial practice in terms of resources, precarity, potentiality and more.  It is part of Issue 7: Tell Me Slowly Where You Stand — Positionality, ethics, duration, guest in PRAKSIS Presents, guest edited by Natasha Marie.  Read here.

Bike Messenger Round Roffa. Incomplete collection of things accumulated at Dispatch including: dispatch contact sheet; notebooks made out of scrap paper at dispatch; box of tea; zine on Fast Eddie made by Tomi Hilsee; Calendula seed bag grown by Alireza Abbasy; Rotterdam food map initiated by Amy Suo Wu; tiles made by Pendar Nabipour; receipt zine by Florian Cramer; bowls received from Clara Balaguer; yellow notebook and tea from Ying Liu, among more letters and poems and things.